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    Fist Angle on advanced combo

    Originally posted by JimR View Post
    Thanks very much for the detailed answer, Alan. I just have to ask more specifically what you mean by "not a hard, violent angle change" and "a bit sideways"? They imply to me that maybe my original question had the right premise - not a 90 degree change from North-South to East-West but some other angle.

    Exactly. Here is a visual cue:

    Line the bag up so the laces are directly in front. the laces usually splits two bag panels, so you are looking at the two front panels of the bag. Just on the right hand side, is the "front-Side" panel.

    Your lead fist of the FDP will contact the front panel, drift to the side, and come in quickly to contact that front-Side panel. Notice from the side there are also two panels: a Front-Side and a Rear-Side. If your fist "drags" in from the side, it will most likely contact that front-side panel close to the middle. I won't matter exactly where on the side it contacts,for as long as the bag goes in a general side direction it will work - because it sets the bag at the correct angle for the coming RSP.

    If that doesn't work, just practice SSP's. A SSP follows a FSP easily on two rebounds. Just do the same movement, but time it for ONE rebound. ( you won't be able to get you hand out too far to the side of the bag to do this) In fact, on a 24 inch wide board you fist will not go past the boards edge.
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