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  • Question new to forum/program download?

    sup everyone, i ran into this site from a boxing website. i love the timer and want to take it to go. how do i download the latest version so i can train without the internet?

    i swear man if u have a paypal, i would like to donate for making this extremely useful tool.

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    Glad to hear you like it!

    You can find instructions on how to download it here:

    Let me know if you have questions.


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      awesome. i downloaded the file, but i get no sound in firefox 3. so i used the link u gave for others with this problem. still no sound. i think the plugin works because there is a link on firefox website to test it.

      any ideas??

      i thought maybe i could change my default browser (im using vista 64bit) because ur timer.html file was automatically opened by firefox.

      it seems like the timer works better in IE anyway (it counts while minimized, not so with FF)


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        Unfortunately, I don't have windows vista at this time. When I have enough donations to use towards it (and VM software to run it on my Mac) I hope to look into the problems with Vista, until then I really don't have any way to duplicate the problems

        I've heard from a few people that it does not work in Vista...


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          thanks man 4 replying today, i been on google for about 4hrs now trying to get some kind of program/decoder/etc to help.

          from my searching there seems 2 be some kind of issue with wmp 11 specifically and their plugin. i made ie/ff my default brower...still no luck (offline)

          i have always been getting sound when online with ff but not with ie. when offline neither gives sound. at one point during all my downloads i got sound online with ie. but then i lost it.

          oh yeah how much 4 that software u need?
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            i havent been here in a looong time. this program works sweet, just donated


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