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    Hello All,

    Consider this my first post. I would like to sincerely thank everyone for the wealth of information and support provided here. I caught the bug a few months ago. I can’t get enough!

    I’m into the bag collecting phase of my addiction. I’m grabbing a few bags from the usual suspects to test the waters. So far the Ringside standard red, white and blue S&XS, the Cleto S and the Title Top Contender really seem to fit my hands. No luck with Everlast quality control.

    I guess I can include a question. This morning I noticed a pretty new Title Black 2.0 speed bag available on their website. I couldn’t resist ordering a 5x8. Has anyone hit this little beauty yet?

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    Welcome to the healthy addiction! Nice setup and collection. That's the first I've heard of Black 2.0 looks sweet. Let us know how it goes, looks nice and phat!


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      Nice bag collection! Welcome to the community


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        Hi Jesse!

        Yeah that's a fine setup ya got there.
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          Welcome to the addiction. I am quite envious of your bag selection.

          Please make sure to share your feedback on the new bag. I also noticed there is an Ali Sting Bag which I don't think I've seen before, that looks fairly nice too.


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            I certainly will report back on the new bags. Seems like quality control is the biggest factor these days. I guess it ebbs and flows with each manufacturer? I almost enjoy the suspense of wondering if I will get one from a good batch.....that’s a little twisted, I know.

            From my experience so far, Cleto, Ringside and Title seem to be on their quality game lately. I find it difficult to take the red, white and blue leather S Ringside off the hook currently. I think it’s that latex bladder?

            Anyway, off to work. Hopefully a new bag will be on the porch when I get home. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!



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              Welcome Louisville, that’s a sweat set up. Don’t forget it’s not about the destination; it’s all about the journey.


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                And now I see a Title white 2.0


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                  The eagle has landed. Feels like a sweet bag. I’ll get it on the hook later and see if I can fumble my way through posting a video.
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