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  • Newbie keen to learn more

    Hi there - just turned 40 and bought a speed bag platform to keep myself ticking over whilst working from the home office.

    Went with:
    Exigo adjustable platform ( - disappointed with the vibration at the price and didn’t really need adjustable - but seemed the most solid at a price i wanted to pay.

    For the swivel - I picked up this cleto Reyes whilst in the US (shocking prices in the UK!) -

    For the bag - I went with a CR small. Sometimes get stuck when rotating round - but think this is more to do with my technique!

    I initially thought this would do me until I started diving into this forum! Who knew there’s so much more!

    I’ll keep to my setup for a while - probably just stick some sandbags on top to minimise the vibrations.

    Keen to hear your thoughts on getting started though.

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    Cheer to you in the UK from the US.

    I think the elders here would agree that the problem is never your equipment. I have seen the great speed baggers do amazing things on the most limited, and quite frankly crappy equipment. You just need the drive.
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      I hear you :-)

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