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How to keep speed bag from flying off the “S” hook

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  • How to keep speed bag from flying off the “S” hook

    You all probably have a solution for this but since I’m new I thought I’d share my solution (that someone probably already came up with.)

    I was hitting the speed bag a couple weeks ago and it flew off the “S” hook, bounced off the back wall, came back and hit me right in my own “personal speed bag”, if you know what I mean! My son suggested that I buy a cup. I thought that was hilarious. I told him that would certainly work but I also didn’t want it to fly off and hit other things as well.

    Anyway, I put a zip tie around the loop of the speed bag, which worked great but it was a pain to keep cutting off to change between my three bags. And it was wasteful. I tried some duct tape but it really wasn’t reusable after a couple changes. And I didn’t like how it gets sticky and/or tears up the leather of the bag taking it off. It seemed wasteful too.

    So, I bought these...

    ...I think they work really well. Manufacturers should just include one of these with each speed bag you purchase or they could just sew it to the loop. With the way these are designed though, there’s no need to sew them. I put one on each of my speed bags and changing between bags is so simple now and there’s no waste. It turned out to be a pretty cheap, yet elegant solution.

    FYI: They fit perfect on the loops of both my Balazs Lazer bags (5x8, 6x9) and my yellow Title (5x8) bag. The Balazs bags have a big stiff loop and the yellow Title bag has a much smaller, more flexible loop. The same solution worked on both. It actually helped to stiffen the soft loop of the yellow Title bag.

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    Great idea! Will pick some up to try.


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      It hasn't happened to me in a long time, but last night (Forza swivel) my title classic red flew off and hit me right on the nose. It actually gave me the watery eyes as I used colorful language to explain my feelings to the bag and swivel. Of course it quickly occurred to me that I am responsible for bad hits. I think bag fly offs happen to everybody. Even Alan has mentioned it.

      I will say this; with Rusty's Arc swivel, bag fly offs are impossible as they are locked in on the tri hook.
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        Velcro ties

        I think Metaldad used those as well. Pretty sure I heard the tear of velcro when he changed bags in some of his videos. Great minds think alike!


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          Before I made the Arc, I was using the Swiveltek, which was precursor to the Forza, and I used a nylon cap or piece of rubber tubing to keep the bag on. Others on here discovered that method. Very quick and easy.

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