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    Hi all,
    id like somone to give me a few good pointers on how to start,at he moment i hit the bag let it bounce twice and hit it again,alternating my hands,this gets kind of boring after a while so any newbie help would be appreciated.
    thanks Keith

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    The absolute best thing you can do to learn the speed bag is to pick up Alan's DVD. It is the final word on speed bag training and is designed for the beginner. It will teach you everything you need to know and then some.

    Pick it up on Amazon here:

    Also, the companion speed bag bible is very good as well.



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      Sweet spot

      It's hard to get started because there are some htings I didn't hear anyone mention before I started. I'm sure Alan's book is a good one.
      What you are doing now is hitting the bag and trying to keep it straight by hitting it exacly where you want to and every time you try to hit it faster it spins out and you have to start over. Is that correct? It is difficult to make the bag go perfectly straight off of your fist. Firstly, Teach yourself to hit the bag with the regular triple rythm today. You know what I' mean. (BAM bam bam BAM bam bam BAM bam bam) It's important to teach yourself how to keep that rythm and set up each punch just that fast. Then try hitting the bag a little sooner after it bounces off the back of the platform. Not much sooner, but somewhat before it reaches the center/bottom point of it's swing. Also try hitting it lower. Just a little beneath the widest part of the bag. That will help keep it straight. It bounces the bag straight up and backwards and gives it less time to freak out and stray to the side. You will notice the difference immediately. Pay attention ot hitting the bag accurately and with a very controlled rythm.
      If you can't wait for the book and you have already looked up the internet resources you know that there is a correct way to stand and to hold your arms, etc., and you will learn to keep a rythm and to prepare each "punch" as you are executing the last one and to pull your hitting hand out of the way of the bag so it can swing back as well. After you learn to keep it straight you will notice that hitting it too far backwards doesn't give you the rythm you really want and you will start to teach yourself to allow the bag to swing farther forwards for the right sound and you will devleop the ability to hit the bag more accurately and keep it straight that way. You will still be hitting the bag low to straighten it when it gets wild now and then.
      There is also a very sweet spot dead center and a little bit higher on the bag, in the curvature above the belly. This is a good spot and you can experiment with it. Actually, in order to get the sound I want I like to hit the dead center. That's the best sound to me, but I had to figure out how to keep it straight first and learn to hit it centered later.
      After you get somewhat proficient you will want to start working the Speed bag after your heavy bag workouts. This trains your hands and eyes to focus and be more precise when you are exhausted. Some people disagree about the necessity to use the speed bag, but I think it is a good tool and very important to a boxer/fighter.

      Good luck.


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        Beginner speed bag

        Originally posted by keith
        Hi all,
        id like somone to give me a few good pointers on how to start, at the moment I hit the bag let it bounce twice and hit it again,alternating my hands,this gets kind of boring after a while so any newbie help would be appreciated.
        thanks Keith
        HI Keith,

        First let me say welcome to this board. We love beginners, and we were all one once. Some further back than others....

        You say you hit the bag and let it bounce "TWICE" before hitting it again? the only way you can do that is if your next punch is coming from the opposite side of the bag, so if you are only hitting it from the front, You are probably not counting the first, or loudest rebound. (Some people think that the fist (loudest) hit is the "fist hit", and the rebounds are the unstruck bounces. I actually saw a set of written exercises by someone years ago who taught and explained it that way. They count that "Punch, 1,2, Punch, 1,2." I've heard boxing coaches explain it to me that way. Personally, I think that is wrong. A rebound is everytime the bag hits the board.)

        As Longarm said, when you hit the bag, count THREE rebounds. forget the fist contact, just count the sounds, so "Bam bam bam" becomes 1-2-3, 1-2-3, with ONE being the loudest and THREE being the softest. Hit it twice with each fist before you change hands. Actually, you can use each hand as many times as you want to keep punching.

        There are other things that a beginner needs to realize about the speed bag, so try the links below and read a little and watch a few instruction clips. When you can, videotape yourself, post it here and we'll review it and give you some guidance. It is easier if we see you hit.

        Beginner level Speed Bag Tips

        Also, look at video clips Number #10 and #11. Speed Bag Combination clips

        good luck. You can do this. It is not as hard as it looks.
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