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Does anyone have this swivel?

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  • Does anyone have this swivel?

    I was wondering if any of you have this particular swivel. It's on sale for what appears to be a good price. I was wondering about the quality and performance compared to other u-bolts.

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    Which swivel are you asking about? If you posted a pic, I do not see it


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      Sorry. Here it is.


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        I just happen to have that swivel. Have not used it. I am using the Title Premier Pro though. I use the Premier for my big boy 15 and 16 inch bags. It is a slick swivel for Boxing style baggin' So you might say this Ubolt you ask about is in the same class

        The U bolt and frame on mine is all platinum but exactly like the pic you posted. If you would like to give it a test ride, I will send it to you. You are an outstanding long time member and contributor to the forum so I trust ya. Let me know.

        I am editing this because what I said is in error ( it is "Happy Hour" at my house lol). My swivel is different from the one you posted. Sorry 'bout that. I looked at the Title website and they also have this same swivel (the one you posted) on sale for $19.99. I can not say how it runs though.

        Another edit... The one I have is the TITLE PLATINUM MEXICAN-STYLE PRO SWIVEL
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          I use to have the platinum Mexican-style swivel, and I'm thinking that the swivel I'm asking about is very similar to the Mexican style. I was just wondering mainly about the quality and craftsmanship. But I guess for $20 plus $7 shipping it may be worth it to have as a backup swivel. I appreciate your offer, but the swivel I have now has to stay on the platform for quite a long while. Pretty much until it breaks.


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            Good luck with whatever you decide...


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              Originally posted by riqal View Post
              Years ago. Slow and clunky IMO.
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                You should try a chainlink swivel. There alot faster than a u bolt swivel and they require a little bit more accuracy. You can purchase an everlast chainlink swivel on amazon or ebay.


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                  I actually have an everlast chain link swivel on my platform now. It is my favorite and yes you are right, it is faster than the everlast u-bolt and faster than the ringside super u-bolt swivel. I went ahead and ordered the title platinum u-bolt in my original post. I received it a few days ago, and I must say that it is an impressive looking, well-crafted swivel. I haven't used it yet. Do t know if I ever will.


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                    Does anyone have this swivel?

                    Here it is, next to the super swivel for comparison. By the way, I relisted the super swivel for $20 if anyone is interested.

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                      Very good swivel but they do break from excessive use!

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