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New Member 3 bags to choose from: please advice

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    Originally posted by NickNick View Post
    Went to You Tube to see what it was and how it works. Maybe I should have only ordered this bag. Maybe I don't need the speed bag.

    Do you guys recommend both?

    All the guys on You Tube had gloves. Do you guys use gloves to hit the double sided bag?

    What type of gloves do you recommend if it is a yes?
    I like having both.

    I got mma gloves, but you can use good leather work gloves too.
    No need to get boxing gloves.

    A couple different styles in vids


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      This is absolutely awsome!

      I am sure that the double ended bad is very challenging. How big of a bag do you guys usually go for? I

      Is 8 too large?

      The Sensei makes it look very easy.


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        I can only speak for myself, I think 7" is perfect...about the size of a head.

        I bought a Mexican style for no particular reason other then I liked it.
        I can easily flip it upside down to change height and the way you strike it.

        I'm sure round is just as good and seems like most use them. Your preference.

        If you get one, plan on pitching the cheap cord and bungee that comes with it.

        Just go to Lowe's or Home depot pick up some braided line. They had some in black that measures 3/8" thick.

        Also pick up a tie down plate with metal loop, for trailer tie down, with two bolt holes to bolt to the floor. I used a couple 2" tapcons in the concrete. If you don't want to bolt it to the floor, it can also be hooked to a weight, or sand filled base.

        You will need one carabiner. I fond one in stainless that was a perfect size, and a good size eye screw.
        *see pic

        Finally, buy one 42" rubber bungee with hooks, also in trailer parts section.
        Very inexpensive. If you need more tension, you can always tie a knot in it.

        I hung mine at 5' to center of belly, which feels good to me. Upside down, it's probably 5' 3". I am 6'+ tall.

        Simple, cheap and a great workout! Note: when not in use, just unhook it.

        Double click picture to see how I connected it.
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          title bags

          i have tried them all.
          best bag is 6x9 title with pink bladder.


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            The ringside does not need a pink bladder. Correct?

            I am planning to get the ringside 6x9 and the Title 7" double end bag. Maybe I will go with the Title 6x9 and get the orange bladder.

            I am sure that I will get smacked with it a couple of times.

            Has anyone ever had a black eye from the double end bag?
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              This impressed the heck out of me. I really wish to try this.


              There comes a time when you sit back and appreciate physical abilities.


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