First Post, long-time bagger...

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  • bob
    Speed Bag Trainee
    • Sep 2014
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    First Post, long-time bagger...

    I'm Bob from Central FL and have been hitting a speed bag on and off since I was 10 (about 40 years ).

    Found this forum searching for a smaller bag to replace my "mid-size" Everlast, which sprung a leak. Just got back into it, too, and was starting to get my wind back. I'll probably attempt to fix it since it is in very good condition.

    The bag and board are at my shop, where I can make all the noise I want, any time of the day or night! I have it bolted to a pallet rack and it is pretty sturdy. Have a "master link" type swivel that seems to work pretty good.

    I also have an 80lb heavy I need to hang... I have a stand for both but it just takes up too much room.

    I'd love the bring both bags to the house so my 13yo dot and 11yo son can learn but the wife is anti-exercise. (long story)

    PS: here is a pic that I had--I'll have to get one of better quality. The hanging arm is from the aforementioned heavy bag stand, through bolted to the pallet rack. Fan is conveniently close for cooling...
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  • Biff
    Speed Bag Wizard

    • Feb 2008
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    Hey Bob, welcome. Glad you found the forum. There is a ton of useful information here, and the members are the best. Any questions, just fire away. Someone will get back with an answer or opinion.

    Post up some pics of your setup. Hope you can get the kids interested.


    • swfl
      Speed Bag Guru
      • Apr 2013
      • 274

      Hello Bob. Sounds like a nice setup. Can you post a picture for us to see? Looking forward to a video. Enjoy and welcome to the forum.


      • rehamco1
        Speed Bag Guru
        • Aug 2013
        • 541

        Hi Bob welcome to the forum would love to see a video and some tips on getting children interested in bagging I could pass along to people I know who are trying to do just that.


        • Speedbag
          Author of the Speed Bag Bible, founder of

          • Feb 2006
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          Hello Bob. Welcome to the forum. Glad to see you're getting back to baggin.
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