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    Hi All,

    I have a question, specifically about speedballs available in the UK. I've browsed through the forum and I've seen that the Lonsdale Authentic Peanut speedball is highly regarded. I've searched online and, where sites list the size, they all state that it is 16cm x 22cm.. I make that ~6.5" x 8.75"... other sites sell two sizes of Lonsdale Authentic Speedball, small is 6" x 9" and medium is 7" x 10"....

    Now, I'm a beginner, and those sizes strike me as being very close. Is there really a huge difference between these sizes and which one would you recommend I buy? Both of the non-Peanut balls are available for £23 while the cheapest Peanut is £30, so not a huge difference.

    I would also like a large speedball, something similar to the X-Large Title... is such a ball available in the UK? Very few sites seem to list the size of the ball, something one would think was essential information for the buyer.

    Anyhow, thanks in advance for your help!


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    Welcome to the forum Green! I recently purchased a Lonsdale Authentic Small and love it! If you were only looking to buy one speedbag, I would say go with the medium to make learning a little easier. Seeing as you're looking to buy a large bag as well, it's really up to you how you want to go about it. When I first started bagging I bought the Title 7x10 and also 5x8 (below) right away. I'm happy that's the approach I took because I learned on two completely different sized bags and had no problems transitioning to almost exclusively using a smaller bag. Maybe some other members can help you decide what to do but I would say to get a large bag and a small one. Best of luck!
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      Thank you very much Jollygood, a very useful response. A picture says a thousand words and seeing the small Lonsdale between your Titles does help to understand the sizing. I think it's the Lonsdale medium for me, and a US import Title X-large. For anyone who stumbles across this thread in future, I've found a picture on the Title site showing small through to large speedballs ...


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        Originally posted by ventanakaz
        ...Hey jollygood, where did you get that Lonsdale Authentic bag from ? Do you have a link to the site. Welcome to the forum greenbyname
        I ordered it from here . It came to $63 total I believe with something like $13 or $15 of it for shipping. I love this bag and would definitely recommend it!


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          The cheapest Lonsdale Peanut - that I can find, pre-shipping - is here:


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            I have a lonsdale I got off e bay it resembles my 7x10 everlast elite but longer?? Never really hit on it got it for 20 not sure if it's a real McCoy

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              I ordered a Lonsdale peanut from Bodyactive (the link I provided earlier in the thread) .... they called me a few hours later to say that it's out of stock and they've no idea when they'll have more.... refund on it's way...


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