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  • Centuy Platform

    Hello all, I'm new around here.

    I have a chance of picking up one of these

    for $35.

    Was curious to know what other swivels would fit this model platform?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Sorry about the typo in the subject line.

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    You can replace the swivel that comes with that platform with any of the aftermarket ones available. You can use either of the ball & hook swivels made by our members Jumpcannon or MsDeville, both come highly recommended by users on this forum. The one that comes with the platform is not really worth saving as it appears to be a stamped sheet metal one. There are numorous U bar ones that would work just fine, but if you are interested in learning to hit "Bible Style" the ball & hook type is the preferred one to have.


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      Hey I have that platform. I payed 5 bucks. Works great for the price... I used three different swivels on it. Not done yet, I have another to try.
      Don't buy your speed bag from the same place you buy your tackle box.


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        Thanks for the information.


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          Here is what I'm thinking of picking up today.

          I'm only going to be using the speed bag for part of my training/workout routine. And also I'm located in K.C. near Ringside, and Title, which the 2 are only 1.3 miles apart.

          At Ringside, we are serious about fight sports, especially boxing and MMA. We offer the best prices on boxing equipment in addition to videos, tutorials, and guides. Low-cost shipping guaranteed!

          Also thinking of adding 50lbs of sand, and changing out the adjustable hardware to bolts and lock washers for a tighter more sturdy platform.

          Thoughts on all the above?

          Thanks again in advance for your help and input.


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            Got everything done except changing out the hardware.
            It's honestly night & day difference. I just spent about 10min knocking the new bag around.
            Very impressive. Can't believe it's taken me 18yrs to do this again.


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              good to hear
              Don't buy your speed bag from the same place you buy your tackle box.


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