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  • Rookie bag set


    just want to get some feed back on my future speed bag set up. i have this assembled but not yet mounted to my stucco walls

    it comes with a bigger bag for free and i planned on starting with that and graduating to the smallest lazer bag from balazs. the reviews here seem favorable

    here is the swivel that comes with the platform

    my questions:
    1. SHould i upgrade or swap my swivel. i saw the swivel guide and it looks like i got a descent swivel. would anyone recommend swapping for either of these

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    2. from reading the posts here i wanted to know: what does it matter if u use vaseline vs spit on the needle

    3. is an air gauge really necessary

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    cool man thanks 4 the reply. for 84$ on a speed bag ill use gasoline if they recommend it. i am buying the deville swivel today.

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