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how much air goes in my fighting 7x10 bag

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  • how much air goes in my fighting 7x10 bag

    I didn't even realize i might get it without air in it . i though i was going to open the box and it was ready to go. its my first bag as the ones that came with my stand were full of air but too small for a beginner.

    can anyone please tell me how much air goes in it, and how i may know if i did too much? luckily i have a rinky dink pump.

    fighting size large 7 x 10


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    Hey Python,

    That is actually a pretty common question. With a gauge it is about four pounds. Without a gauge, blow it up until all the leather is pushed out smooth, with no creases, and then a couple of more. Basically you want the bag to be full but allow you to crab it and press the leather in slightly with your thumbs. with a bit of experience you will start to feel when a bag is inflated correctly, and know when it's a bit overinflated (bag feels hard, with no give, on fists), and underinflated (bag is a bit mushy and flat)

    when the bag is correctly inflated you should feel it "give" just a bit when you hit it but the rebound doesn't sound flat.

    Hope that helps.
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      thank you kindly speedbag. before seeing your reply i think i got about 5 pounds in there and it filled up nicely. it's a bit late at night to hit the bag, but i gave it some punches and i really liked the way it rebounded. i will give it some more time this weekend and see if some air needs to come out

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