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    I still can't figure a way to post pics on my phone, but I was able to add a profile pic. I just wanted to share the idea I got thanks to the people in here, and the work I did to improve the everlast stand. I took a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood a cut two pieces with a sawzall, very slowly haha, and sandwiched the old pressed wood between them. I also added two pieces of angle on top that I got from an old net frame.I still plan on making some sort of brace to reduce the side to side movement, and sanding again to apply a poly, I just wanted to hit the bag so I haven't finished yet

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    Thanks Ralph. Yes I have an EVO, but its funny sometimes. Last time I tried to post to youtube it said I had to have a wi fi connection, but I have a couple videos, one from the first day I hit and than a few from a week later after the mods, and the difference is night and day. Next time I get around some WiFi I will try...


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      Guess I could have worded it different. No, none on YouTube, just on my phone, but i will try and post on youtube when I get around some wifi

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