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Flash ahead - Deano and Ted

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  • Flash ahead - Deano and Ted

    For those of you who were at the inaugural Speed BAG get together I am sure you remember Deano and his dad, Ted. See pic 1.
    Well 12 years later, Deano is a grandpa, and Ted, who, this month will turn 90 (I believe) along with Deano s son, Tom, and daughter, Bailey Joy. Ted is looking pretty spry for a nonagenarian. Pic 2

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    Wow, Those guys age Well, Thanks for the update Biff, Glad to see their doing good


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      Glad to hear they are doing well!


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        Sorry, I don't know them but have seen pic's of them in the past. As someone who discovered the forum later in it's life it so good to see it's foundation and longevity. Thanks Biff for sharing that.


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          Where exactly do they live ? Footy fans ? Rugby ?


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            The land of wonder, the land down under........


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              Originally posted by paranday View Post
              Where exactly do they live ? Footy fans ? Rugby ?
              paranday, they moved a few years ago to Shellharbour, NSW from their previous home in Albion Park Rail, which is only about 7 km away. They are now only blocks from the beach. I know Deano is a big footy fan, but I don’t recall who he roots for.
              There is a post from 2013 in the Off Topic forum that I posted when I returned from my visit with them. I believe I may have mentioned the team in that thread.
              let me see if I can find it.
              Found it!


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                Such an honor to meet them. Deano amazed all of us with his thoroughly unique style of "Aussie Bagging". None of us had ever seen anything like it, and the next year (2011) the mighty JUXT had pretty much mastered it. But Deano set the standard.
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