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Bladder recommendation for cleto reyes XS

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  • Bladder recommendation for cleto reyes XS

    I am looking for a bladder recommendation for the cleto reyes XS. Mine was leaking at the valve. I removed it from the bag and the bladder is way to big for the bag. It was pinched and folded inside the bag. No wonder why this bag never seemed to hit right. I was thinking about throwing the small title advanced bladder in there. Looking for the experts. Thanks

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    Ventanakaz, thanks for the reply. Man I am loving my small size cleto, the next size up from this bag. I dont know what the largest cleto feels like, never hit one. I tend to stick with 6x9 and smaller bags. This bag that needs the bladder doesn't rebound right with softer strikes. I am blaming that oversized stuffed bladder. The replacement bladder that came with the bag is the same size. I guess Cleto just uses one size bladder. I will try the small Title version you recommender. Thanks.
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      Originally posted by ventanakaz
      I would suggest using the Title Enkay bladder for that bag (not the title advanced bladder,) I used to have all the sizes, my favorite sizes was the smallest cleto and the largest cleto, I didn't like the two sizes in between, I swapped out all the cleto bladders with the Enkay brand bladders, whatever you do, Don't get the XS title bladder, That one isn't Latex rubber, it is Butyl rubber and it's a round bladder, install the Small size into your bag.
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        My enkay bladders finally arrived and it was a great fit. It really made the bag more responsive and rebound truer. If my small Cleto bag ever starts leaking I will swap that one too.

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