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  • Everlast MX bag

    I was just curious what you all thought about the Everlast MX bag , I bought one and loved it so I ordered a back up one because I was told they have been discontinued. It’s listed as a 8x5 but I have 9x6’s that are smaller then this bag. I love it though , it’s the perfect size for Bible style bagging in my opinion, the leather is nice and soft , and it comes with a Cleto Reyes style bladder. Just wanted to see what people thought of this bag because as I mentioned , I think it’s great.

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    I have the everlast Mx bag. Going on three years now. It’s my all-time favorite. Like you said, soft leather and perfect shape. Very balanced bag. It’s a shame they are being discontinued. I think Amazon has a few left.


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      Just to let you know that the SCYntz bag is a bag that is shaped and hits like the MX bag. If you do decide to get a SCYntz bag, go with size medium. The small is a tiny bag (more like an xs). The medium SCYntz is a bit bigger than the MX, but the feel when hitting it is similar.

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