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  • Speed bagger Stuntman.

    I'm always amazed at how are little friend and it's amazing rhythm attracts all kinds of people. Recently found out that one of the best "go to guys" in Hollywood for action stunts, fight training and real life military information is John Street, from England. I'll let his website speak for his Hollywood accomplishments, or his IMDB site but we gotta love him for this... He wants "to get good enough" to start teaching some of the at risk kids in his area. He told me "the rich and famous have their own gym. I want to teach the kids that really need somebody."

    I like that.

    That's his daughter, "a new fired up lady bagger."

    (P.S: Our UK family has really expanded in that last few years! I'm thinking there's enough to attempt your own "gathering" at some point. just a thought.

    Picture with group on right is on set stars of "Dunkirk" Movie.
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    Very Cool, Spreading the word of Speed Bag, Thanks for sharing


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      Very interesting the speedbag community is growing in all parts of the world.

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