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A question about the FDP.

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  • A question about the FDP.

    Hello everyone,

    I learned hitting the bag with Alans Bible. On page 23, where he explains the FDP, it says: 'It is performed by circling both fists into the bag almost at the same time. The motion is similar to throwing a left and right FCP together, or a left FCP and right FSP.'

    So, from what I understood, one has two options:

    option a) (FCP) ' (FCP) or
    option b) (FCP) ' (FSP).

    So when I read that the first time, (about a year ago now) I tried both options a few times and then decided to go for option b), as for me this movement seemed to be more natural to me at this point. And that's what I went with. Always, when I throw a FDP, the second punch is a FSP. And it all went fine.

    However, I recently started with the 'advanced skills and combinations'-chapter, where advanced punching is introduced. Consider, for example, Exercise #2 on page 121:

    L-R *R
    (FDP) ' (FCP). Here, in this exercise, it seems inconvenient for the right fist in the (FDP) to be a (FSP) (not impossible tho), as one has to move the fist and shift the weight very quickly.

    Moreover, it appears that, when I watch videos of people that outperform me on the speedbag, they all opted for option a).

    So what option did you chose when you started bagging? And if you did chose option b), like me, did you dismiss it for option a) at some point?
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    Now that is a great question!

    If you have a YouTube account and would like to PM me, we can trade videos and go over it.


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      ...don’t you use both in different situations or variations? I just got to the bag and tested how I do as a beginner. I use both ways in different situations. Can’t even exactly tell when using which option. Think I use FCP-FCP most when I link into a R-Roll, a RDP, or another linking including the second fist, when I link only with the first fist I often use FCP-FSP.


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        Only for the F-Roll. Otherwise exclusively with the front straight. I also use the FSP for rotating the fists.

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