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Is my speedbag poor quality or do i just suck?

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  • Is my speedbag poor quality or do i just suck?


    I bought a cheap speedbag and stand off off eBay. I set it up and watched a few tutorial videos, but for some reason nothing was going to plan. I hit the speedbag in a knife-stabbing position, made sure it hit the top stand 3 times before hitting it again, but no matter how hard or how accurately I hit, the speedbag would return extremely slow. Does anyone have any insight into this? I have minor boxing experience, nothing professional related, but I've never used a speed bag before. If anyone could provide me with an answer to my problem it'd greatly appreciated.


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    Hello Meredith, NO YOU DON'T SUCK.
    Ok, you say the bag is "extremely slow" do you have enough air in it? if it is underinflated the speed bag will be quite sluggish. What kind of speed bag did you buy? A good bag will greatly improve your experience and your progress. Whatever you do, don't stop. Your eureka moment will happen.
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      Also, what kind of platform did you get? The free standing ones are notorious for vibration, which absolutely kills rebounds. There are ways of dampening the vibration to the point where it can be reduced (but not elimantated). But like what BagBoy has said, don't stop!


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        Doubtful that "You" suck so bad that you cant geat a crisp rebound from a decent bag. Even a day 1 beginner can smack a bag clean enough to be amazed at how fast the bag is... If your hitting it solid and it's still not going anywhere - it's not You. So it is possible that Speed Bag "sucks". Its also possible your set up (board, & swivel) suck and are ruining your bags rebound also. Hard to say without a video for sight and sound.

        To find out IF the bag sucks take it to a very high quality board setup. If it comes to life under a good board/ swivel - then it's your set up.
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