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Is my speedbag poor quality or do i just suck?

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  • Is my speedbag poor quality or do i just suck?

    Good Vacuum Cleaner Robots You Can Get Your Hands on Now

    Vacuuming is a household chore that all of us are used to doing everyday by now. But what if I told you that there is a way for you to not even have to lift a finger without having to hireprofessional cleaners to come over everyday?

    Robot vacuums are the 21st-century solution to the age-old problem of house cleaning. They can be scheduled to start automatically sweeping through the house at certain times during the day and while their thoroughness certainly can match us… they do a fine job regardless of an object that doesn’t demand manual control. That’s why some exemplary models are beginning to appear on Top rated vacuum cleaners on the Internet.

    If you are interested in getting one of these, here is our quick reviews of the best rated vacuum robots out there.

    Eufy 11S

    While they are super convenient to use, robot vacuums tend to be quite costly. The Eufy 11S is on the more affordable end of the industry’s spectrum at about $220. For the price, the robot does well. It is capable of running through carpets well, which, considering robot vacuums tend to get stuck when it comes to carpets, and even normal vacuum cleaners can sometimes have trouble cleaning carpets, it is a huge plus. The Eufy 11S does even better on hardwood floors, picking up the majority of the debris and dirt in front of it in just a single sweep. While the robot sometimes scatters finer particles around instead of picking them up, the amount is negligible, and you can sweep them up later on in a jiffy.

    For the amazing suction power that it has, the robot operates quietly. To keep from tumbling down the stairs, it is equipped with a cliff sensor.

    Eufy RoboVac 11S Max

    The best thing about the 11S Max is the battery life that it boasts while keeping the same level of stellar performance as the standard 11S. It can run for a total of 95 minutes on a single charge with no problem. The 11S Max is also amazing at picking up dirt and debris on bare, hardwood floors.

    But there are trade-offs to the great run time, though. It’s not Wi-Fi enabled and you cannot control it through a smartphone app. The 11S Max also lacks a lot of the navigational abilities that made its siblings ranked highly among customers.

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    iRobot Roomba e5

    iRobot is one of the earliest pioneers of robotic vacuums and is often considered to be the best vacuum brand for those who are seeking to automate household chores. The Roomba e5 lends excellent credibility to the company’s reputation. No matter if it’s carpet or hardwood floors, the e5 can deal with them all in a near-effortless manner. While it’s a relatively expensive model at $500, for all of the capabilities it brings to the table, if you have the money to spare it’s not that shabby of an investment.

    The Roomba e5 does not have remote control capability but you can schedule operating time and review cleaning patterns through a specialised smartphone app.

    LG Hom-Bot CR5765GD

    Despite being the most expensive option on our list, the LG Hom-Bot has a pretty good reason for its sky-high price tag. This robot vacuum is equipped with variable suction power, meaning it can automatically recognise the type of flooring it’s on and adjust suction power accordingly. Carpet and hardwood floors are no obstacles at all for the Hom-Bot.

    In order to set it up and configure all of the settings, you need to download an app from LG and connect the bot to your phone. Through the app, the Hom-Bot can also be voice controlled either through Google Assistant or through Amazon Alexa.

    Better yet, the Hom-Bot can also act as a security system since it can automatically detect movements inside of the house and stream video and photos directly to your phone. So you’re not just buying a cleaning system, you’ll also get a security system in the box, virtually free of charge.

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    The 21st-century brings about many exciting changes, one of which is the ability to automate mundane household chores to save your time and effort for doing something else. If you’re too busy for vacuuming every single day or you just want to stay on the leading-edge of technology, any of the robot vacuums above have got you covered.
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    Hello Meredith, NO YOU DON'T SUCK.
    Ok, you say the bag is "extremely slow" do you have enough air in it? if it is underinflated the speed bag will be quite sluggish. What kind of speed bag did you buy? A good bag will greatly improve your experience and your progress. Whatever you do, don't stop. Your eureka moment will happen.
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      Also, what kind of platform did you get? The free standing ones are notorious for vibration, which absolutely kills rebounds. There are ways of dampening the vibration to the point where it can be reduced (but not elimantated). But like what BagBoy has said, don't stop!


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        Doubtful that "You" suck so bad that you cant geat a crisp rebound from a decent bag. Even a day 1 beginner can smack a bag clean enough to be amazed at how fast the bag is... If your hitting it solid and it's still not going anywhere - it's not You. So it is possible that Speed Bag "sucks". Its also possible your set up (board, & swivel) suck and are ruining your bags rebound also. Hard to say without a video for sight and sound.

        To find out IF the bag sucks take it to a very high quality board setup. If it comes to life under a good board/ swivel - then it's your set up.
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