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  • Swivel for sale?

    Hey all. Trying to get my hands on some ball & hook swivels. Forza swivels have completely sold out. If anyone has any leads on any it would be much appreciated. Having a great time bagg'n since we're stuck inside. Have a great one all and stay healthy out there.

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    Try eBay, I generally troll using a "speed bag" search and it's not unusual to see some old school Everlast ball hooks in decent shape, along with TufWear and Whitely No Jump ball hooks. Just avoid the stamped sheet metal ones, they're trash.


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      Right on. Yeah i did pick up an everlast 4440 but its loud. Good for a backup. Been trying to hook up with a couple guys on here but this covid 19 got things a mess. Thanks for the info.

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