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Advice on Cleto Reyes speed bag

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  • Advice on Cleto Reyes speed bag

    Hi guys,

    just looking for some advice with my Cleto Reyes 5x8 speed bag.

    Firstly id like to say this bag is unreal, I use it for boxing style hitting with maximum speed with a U Bolt swivel its fast, light and maintains its true shape, the leather is still perfect after over one year of heavy use. Although more expensive than others I would definitely say it's worth the money and is the best bag I have used.

    Two questions I have for anyone who has the same bag and who uses the bag for very high speed boxing style,

    1. The original Reyes bladder has a leak in it so I need to replace the bladder, I'm wondering for maximum speed would you recommend I replace the bladder with another original Reyes bladder or is there a better bladder you would recommend to get even more speed from the bag? I have got a spare Reyes bladder and from what I understand Reyes bladders only come in one size which looks quite big for the 5x8 size bag ?

    2. The other question I have for those who have used this exact bag is in your opinion are there any comparable bags to the Cleto Reyes 5x8 that you might regard as better or on par as far as quality, shape, speed, and performance ect as I wouldn't mind expanding my collection of bags but don't know if it's worth buying anything other than Reyes?

    your advice is much appreciated,

    Happy hitting !
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    Welcome to the Forum. The Cleto stock bladders tend to naturally leak air faster than most. If you are having to put a couple pumps of air every two days or so to keep it EXACTLY how you like it, it may not have a leak? Some people are annoyed by this and change to the Title orange or the Everlast bladder. I don’t mind pumping my Cleto bags up, so I leave the original bladders in. Im sure a member who changes them out will chime in with some info.

    As far as better bags, that’s a little more complicated. Everyone’s hands take to different bags, so it’s a matter of preference. If you search for ‘favorite bag’ or something like that, you will find a few recent threads of us discussing our favorite bags and how they react.


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      Thanks Louisville,

      ive been using the bag for just over 12 months and agreed every few days it did just need a slight top up of air to get it just right, I don't have an issue with doing that but now it looses air between rounds and goes fully flat after use, I will have to take out the bladder to see if it can be fixed or to just put in a new one.

      I have got some spare enkay/title bladders and a spare cleto so I'll see what some others say here before I change it, I'm mostly wanting maximum performance/speed.


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        Welcome to the forum. I also asked this question to other members of the forum and they replied that replacing the bladder with the Enkay or Everlast bladder did not really change the speed or rebound of their Cleto.

        For your second question, the Ringside Heritage 5 inch is faster and has more bounce that the Cleto Reyes. Expensive but it’s my favorite bag for boxing hitting style. I also would recommend the Title Perilous. Fast bag with a nice shape and cheaper than the Reyes.


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          I notice a lot of you like Heritage bags I'll have to get one
          I hardly ever have to put air in either of my two medium Cletos'
          If it gets cold overnight they might be a little soft in morning
          Just like tires on all sports cars at my shop My 2 cents worth


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            Welcome Reyes1, I haven’t bought the Reyes yet but I have heard of all the great reviews about them.I think that might be my next purchase. The heritage is very bouncy. Like it has been said before on here I wish they had a middle size heritage bag the small is to fast for me right now.


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              Thanks for the welcomes guys,

              I ended up up taking the original Cleto bladder out, it was leaking from the valve and replaced it with a new Cleto bladder.

              Something I did try was using Vaseline on the pin when pumping it up as previously I only ever wet the pin with saliva the pin does go in a lot easier with the Vaseline so hopefully it won't wear the valve as quick.


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                Latex is more porous than vulcanized rubbers, such as butyl. So some air loss is expected. How much depends upon several factors, one of which is the quality of the latex itself. The other thing as you have discovered is the valve, or more accurately called the pinch valve. While I have not had the opportunity to examine a Cleto Reyes bladder in person, I have heard of a lot of valve failures. like what has been pointed out it's not unusual with such bladders that having to pump them up every couple of days or so not unusual. Having to do it during a workout,however, is not acceptable.


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                  Enkay had a pretty high-tech patent for their bladders that just expired. I stick with Enkay bladders.
                  A bladder shell for inflatable balls having a layer of blended synthetic latex and natural rubber latex compounded with an anti-oxidant, an activator, an accelerator, a thickening agent, a wetting agent, and a stabilizer etc. to form a low air permeability and high bounce bladder shell having thickness of between 0.25 mm to 3.0 mm. Also disclosed is a process for the preparation of the bladder shell that includes dipping former in a bath of blended natural rubber latex and synthetic latex.
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