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  • Anybody have this swivel to sell ?

    Top Vacuum Cleaners of Eureka – Review

    Eureka is one of the Best vacuum cleaner for home - Top rated vacuum cleaners on the market, with more than 100 years of establishment and development, its products always bringing satisfaction to customers as well as the peace of mind about the quality. In this article, we will introduce the two highest rated vacuum cleaners of eureka in 2019.

    1. Eureka NEU562A

    This model is the Eureka’s most powerful vacuum. Like other products of Eureka, the NEU562A has big wheel technology, allowing it to move smoothly on hard-to-move areas such as deep-pile carpets and wet carpets. These wheels also help the NEU562A to move around furniture easily and transfer from floor to carpet smoothly. This machine is perfect for alleger sufferers and pet owners. With the pet turbo brush, the NEU562A can remove pet hair and other allergens like pollen from upholstery, sofa, bedding, stairs, carpets, and floors. Besides, you don’t need to adjust the turbo blades, as this cleaner is designed with self-adjusting turbo blades.

    The HEPA filter helps it capture 99.97% of dust and allergens that are smaller than 0.3 microns in size. To ensure that you do not contact dust, the Eureka NEU562A has a dust cup that is easy to remove. And the capacity of dust cup is 1.6 liters, quite large for an upright vacuum and enough for cleaning a mid-size apartment.

    This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a multi-stage cyclone system, that separates small and large particles, to ensure that the suction power doesn’t reduce. To save the maintenance cost, NEU562A uses washable filters. You need only remove the filter, clean it with water and dry it naturally, so the filter is ready for the next use.

    To make you feel comfortable when handling it, the NEU562A handle is designed to fit like a glove. When buying this cleaner, you will get many accessories like a 2-in-1 upholstery tool, pet turbo brush, and 16-inch crevice tool. According to Amazon, the Eureka NEU562A is the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaner on the North American market.

    2. Eureka NEU202

    The Eureka NEU202 is one of the best Eureka vacuum cleaners in 2019. If you are uncomfortable with the power cord of upright vacuums, then with this product, you do not even need to hold the cord anymore, just press the button on its head, this cleaner will automatically rewind the power cord. The NEU202 has a five-level dial, which allows you to choose the cleaning power suitable for five types of surface like hardwood floors, tiles, carpets, and rugs.

    One more interesting thing is the LED headlights on the cleaning head. These lights will help you see the path of the machine even in dark areas such as under the bed, cabinet, and sofa. Like the NEU562A, the dust cup of the NEU202 can easily remove the dust inside, but the capacity of the dust cup is bigger, around 2.7 liters, allowing you clean longer and in a larger area. It also has a washable filter to save your maintenance cost. When buying, you get seven accessories, including a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, quick release handle, and a pet tool for picking up pet hair efficiently on sofas, floors, stairs, and carpets.


    We have introduced two best products of Eureka in 2019. They both deserve to be one of Best vacuum cleaners in the world, based on the recommendations of users.
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    Originally posted by kratos97 View Post
    Anybody have this speed bag swivel to sell or know where to get one ?
    You may have to be a little more specific. What, swivel? Someone may have one.
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      Originally posted by kratos97 View Post
      Anybody have this speed bag swivel to sell or know where to get one ?

      There is no picture attached.

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