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    The Best Electric Pressure Washers to Get In 2020

    A pressure washer is something to consider getting if you often have to deal with more stubborn stains and dirt that your vacuum cleaner or even bleach can deal with. There are literally no cleaning jobs that a good pressure washer cannot tackle.

    And while you’re considering it, why not get the Best home pressure washer for the money? Additionally, if you have a green thumb and would like your house cleaned but without the noxious fumes of gas powered washers around your home, then we have just the products for you.

    In this article, we’ll be showing you our selection for two of the best electric pressure washers to get in 2020.

    1. AR Blue Clean AR2N1

    Aside from the powerful pressure that the electric motor inside can offer, the best thing about the AR2N1 is its dual-mode capability. The washer can be mounted on a wheeled cart to move it around the house or in-between cleaning jobs far easier. But it can also be detached and carried around by hand to go upstairs or when you need more mobility.

    In its maximum setting, the washer can put out a water beam packed with 2,050 PSI of pressure and a respectable average flow rate of 1.4 GPM. While this is fairly light duty, if you only need to do occasional washing jobs around the house, its cleaning power is acceptable.

    The washer looks quite good, sleek and modern. While the previous versions have a plastic, all-in-one style lance, the AR2N1 has a more durable stainless-steel lance with a quick attachment point. The hose attachments have been improved from the previous versions and are now easier to work with. The designers have also built into the washer storage space to make it more convenient to store attachments and the power cord.

    2. Sun Joe SPX3000

    The Sun Joe SPX3000 is currently one of the Highest rated pressure washers on the market, and it is not without reasons. The SPX3000 is among the most powerful electric washers out there, capable of generating about 2,000 PSI of pressure and a flow rate of 1.7 GPM. This is a huge improvement in terms of raw cleaning power when compared to the AR2N1.

    This puts the SPX3000 in the medium duty range, so it can tackle most cleaning jobs other than the ones that require industrial capability like paint prepping, power soaping, or cleaning multi-story homes.

    It’s got two detergent tanks for you to load up your favorite brand of soap inside and a spray mode to effortlessly inject chemicals into the spray. There are no hose reels on this washer, however. All of the space has been devoted to housing the detergent tanks.

    It’s equipped with a fairly high quality lance with quick-attachment tips for different cleaning tasks.

    ⇇⇇⇇ Check This Out: Best pressure washers reviews - The top rated pressure washer


    These two electric pressure washers are our picks for the top rated pressure washers (electric). But even though they are currently among of the most popular products on bestselling charts at the moment, there are still plenty of great products waiting for you to discover. We recommend that you read a few more of our articles to be aware of all of the options available to you before you set your money down to get a brand-new washer. After all, it is a fairly expensive investment.We really hope that you’ve found the article to be helpful for your needs.
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    Welcome, good luck with your search. If you can’t find someone in the area, everything you need is here on the forum.


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      Hi welcome bagger, This forum will teach you everything you need to know.The King Alan Kahn’s Speedbag bible will teach you all of the techniques of speedbagging. Good luck.


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        Welcome and enjoy.


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          Originally posted by kangnguyen View Post
          Hi all,
          I'm looking for instructors or baggers i can learn from. I live in San Jose California. I'm new to this but I have quite abit of experience in boxing and Martial Arts.
          Hello Kangnguyen. There are a number of highly skilled Baggers on the West Coast. Many have been forum members with various levels of participation.i dont know if you can do a forum search by location but keep reading past posts and notice the members. Otherwise you have a world of experience right here with the current active members.
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