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    I’ve noticed after getting into a rhythm, that there is an opportunity to work in a new combination, almost unintentionally. For instance, doing rfsp,,,rfcp,,,lfsp,(l-ies,). I’m inclined to use an ies, even if I don’t want to. Also, if there is an errant strike, I am again tempted to try a series of maneuvers to get control of the bag again. Is there anything I should practice or think about to help with what kind of technique to use or what kind of tempo I should look for and make advantage of the opportunity or to back off and let the bag go?

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    Usually after an "erratic" or mishit strike, the next punch will straighten it out, depending on how "off course" the bag went from the erratic strike. If the bag starts helicoptering around the swivel, it's best to simply stop the bag and start over. You can always start over from another side of the bag, say from reverse punching. It is difficult to say "what kind of technique to use.." for after a fist hits the bag, from any area (Front, Sides or Back) you can normally do at least 12 different techniques and with some...actually 18 techniques. so the only limit is the techniques you can actually perform with control. (Remember, some technique possibilities are from "another side of the bag", for instance after a Front Circle Punch (FCP) you can hit again from the 3 reverse punches, or side Techniques, as well as the 12 elbow techniques from the front of the bag...that's a lot.). I would suggest IF you are having problems controlling your "next technique" or you are unsure where to go...write down some simple practice combinations (hint; I put over 400 in the book). Air punch them and make that bag sound in your head... then go to the bag and hit at "learning speed", not training speed. There is a difference. Hope this helps.
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