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    I’ve had a couple days to get to know this new Title Black 2.0. Its a great bag. The leather is very soft. Solid construction, short loop. I do wish it was equipped with the orange bladder rather than the black. The black bladder seems to need some pounding to warm up. If you are used to the latex bladders, this may throw you off at first. Here is a small clip in case anyone is interested to see how it reacts?


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    Here is the Title classic and Ringside 8x5 for comparison. The 2.0 is also the 8x5. It is the fattest of the three. There is also a plush suede type leather around the belly of the 2.0. It’s easy on the hands.
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      Good stuff. You can tell from the video it takes a little extra effort to get it going.


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        After hitting many, many more bags I can now confidently say I am not a fan of this Title Black 2.0. Quick-Tek, or Orange bladder it still just doesn’t fit my hands, like most Title bags. To me it feels hard, heavy, clunky, dead, gives me surprise weird rebounds every once in a while. For the price I believe there is a long list of much better bags.
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            I’m trying to go back and clean up my messes
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