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  • Crapsterface
    • Nov 2009
    • 88


    I really like my Aries. It is 7 inches long and fairly narrow. (not sure about the diameter) its as long as the white Rival and porobly twice as heavy. When you hit it,It feels like your actually hitting somthing. And even though its heavier it moves faster. and you need to be more precice with your hits. i normally dont like big bags but this one i like. I think they also hav 2 larger bags.

    Promex 5-8
    The Promex is alright. I got the title 5-8 the same day i got the promex. The promex can go faster but it takes more to get it going. the title will go faster initially with lighter hits but u can get the promex going just as fast if not faster then the title but u hav to hit it hard to really get it going. I find the promex sort of needs to warm up a bit aswell. I switch back and forth between the title and promex from which one i like better.

    I show the aries and promex in this vid.

    And this is a very crapy swivel. select ball hook im just using it for bagswitching. on the chainlink swiv the promex is faster then the title


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