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  • Everlast 4447 Swivel

    There are a number of Everlsat 4447 swivels on ebay currently. The sellers all look to be asking for more than what I would have thought they are worth.

    Am I missing something here? I have one or two of these I received when I purchased a bag. My inclination was to throw them out.

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    There are some people who believe that because it's old it's worth a lot. Everlast made a crap load of these, as it was the standard swivel on the starter sets for years. They are stamped sheet metal, and will fail much sooner than the two piece ball and hook swivels of the same era. Because of this they are becoming relatively rare. They are not good swivels, even when they were new. Once again it's only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. If you collect swivels, (and there are people that do) one of these is good for a display only, if money is no object.


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      Yeah there are some NOS ones with boxes that are $150ish. I cannot believe some of the prices speed bag stuff is listed for. I cannot imagine how much someone is gonna ask for a A+ Kangaroo bag.


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        Somewhere around here we had a brief discussion about the escalating prices of older/vintage speed bags and swivels. Vintage boxing gear has become the new decorator pieces of "man caves", and in the process pieces that we were able to pick up for reasonable prices ten years ago have gone astronomical. I've wondered aloud if this site has contributed to this, but it's hard to pinpoint as I've seen no reference to Speed Bag Forum in any of the listings. I think that what I said at the top here is just that, just because it's old the idea that it's worth a whole lot of money (sounds like my ex wife...).

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