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Building Mayweather's speed bag platform

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  • Building Mayweather's speed bag platform

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Roberto and i'm from Bergamo in Italy and i'm trying to build the speed bag of my dream. Don't be fooled by the title ahah, it is just an example of what i would like to do.
    This is the first time i write here but this forum is not stranger to me, i read a lot of topics (not every single of course ahaha) in the last quarantine, especially here in Bergamo where i had a lot of time because the covid begins earlier than the rest of the world
    but we'll get right to the point.

    I know a retired qualified joiner that knows about my project and decided to help me. He has a shed of 300 m2 and also has every machine tool that he used to work. He retired just a couple of year ago and he keeps working.. so there are all requirements to do an original and professional speed bag platform.
    The wood i chose to use is a cherry tree that fell the last year in my farmer's field, than i made some thick tables and let dry over a year. NOT plywood or chipwood, only expensive and good quality wood. For the bracket i'm going to talk with a blacksmith, the idea is to make it in wrought iron.
    For the swivel i'm going to buy this:

    Now, i know there is a lot of experts of the argoument here and that's the reason why i address to you. I don't have any limit for the budget, i want to have the SAME maywheater's speed bag (you can look at the attachments for more photo), i read that the cherry tree is preferred (with oak and other harder wooden) to make the platforms because first of all is hardwood, rejects the humidity and is very precoius.

    My questions are:
    What is the size of the speed bag in the photo? Or, what do you suggest between diameter 24 inches or 30" ?
    What's the better thickness to reduce the vibration? I read is about 6 inches, correct?
    How many wooden tables i have to glue to create the platform? i mean, i can't use one table of solid wook to make it, i have to divide it in a lot of tables. how i have to do it?
    Any advice for the bracket?
    Do you suggest me the swivel i linked before?
    What is the standard size of the platform?
    And finally i accept any advice and critic to create the Floyd Maywheater speed bag.

    Please give me more info for the construction of the platform to give guidance to my joiner. How many levels of wood or how many tables. Any type of advice, this project is not only mine, but our

    I will post upgrades about this ambitious project, and a BIG THANK YOU for the patience.
    Aand.. sorry for my horrible english!

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    Welcome Quarantine, first I would like to say great English. I will try to speak to what I believe I have some knowledge in. Wood: Cherry wood is a great choice, hard wood straight grain. Vibration: it has been my experience that although the thickness of the wood does help reduce vibration the mount is more important. From the frame to where it will be mounted. Example: Is it free standing? On 4 x 4 or 6 x 6, or on a concert wall or basement rafters. I would start with the mount first. Best of luck and please keep us posted.


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      Hi Quarantine, I'm counting 17 post but I'm not seeing them here.???????

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