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DIY platform easy no brainer

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  • DIY platform easy no brainer

    Using 3/4 inch plywood (.675) and a 19 inch length X 15 inch book shelf bracket from Lowe’s.

    first step measure out 30 inch square on plywood.

    second step cut it out, glue it using clamps or Jack your car in the air then set the tire down in the middle of the plywood, wait for glue to dry. (2 or 3 layers, depends on how thick you want the board)

    third step bolt the book shelf bracket to the plywood

    fourth mount speedbag bracket

    Fifth step mount it to wall to desired height.

    total cost for material is 68 bucks (can be 10 dollars cheaper, I chose sanded plywood instead of regular.)

    ****price does not include bracket and speedbag.

    EZ PEEZY: came up with this design this morning when I was at Lowe’s. Originally went for something else and came home with more shit. But it took me less than 2 hours to build.

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    Proof that it's possible to built a solid platform without being expensive. Post some pictures when your project is finished!

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