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  • Your thoughts on this setup

    I'm trying to put together my first speed bag platform. I've been toying with the idea of making the bottom part of the platform out of an old metal stop sign. I would still mount the layers of wood above it for shock absorption but with the actual stop sign itself for the bag to bounce off. I have never build or mounted a platform before and although most of the platforms I found have a wooden bottom or wood coated in formica, I have actually found a few made of steel. I'm just hoping for some feedback on this, is it a good idea? Should I go for it and see how it works out or is using metal a bad idea? Any information or opinions are welcome. Also if I did go about using the STOP sign, should I apply a coat of resin or something first?

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    I don't know if you built your platform yet, It is critical how you laminate the aluminum to the wood
    Best thing to use is epoxy Westsystems is a excellent product and they have measuring pumps
    which make their products user friendly You can use the epoxy to put the wood layers and the wood
    to aluminum together The aluminum signs are T6061 a very hard alloy it will make an excellent
    rebound surface if laminated to wood correctly I'd recess the hardware that mounts to the bracket
    to the plate and put the aluminum on last PM me if you need more info


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      Dreadknotty, this sounds like a great project and I’m really curious about the results.
      I am interest in platforms and made a few myself.
      I have a background in precision sheet metal and a woodworking.
      First, Pinzpirate is right follow his advice.
      However, what is the thickness of the T6061 and the wooden back mount? You don’t want this to delaminate. In the end it will all come down to the lamination, just as Pinzpirate said.
      I’m interested in hearing what this sounds like as well as the rebound.
      Good luck, enjoy the journey and keep us posted.


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        Howdy! Dad! and Gang
        I'm as curious as you, I can rationalize this a few different ways . I would be surprised if it
        didn't rebound good, it definitely be worth doing if you had the materials laying around


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          “It definitely be worth doing if you had the materials laying around”
          Yes, Absolutely.
          What I would like Dreadknotty to know is that there is no failure here this is an adventure of exploration.


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