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Funny speed bag video

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  • Funny speed bag video

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    Pretty funny ...

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    LOL - Hey Tim, where can I buy a swivel like that???
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      Originally posted by Tim View Post

      I think the comment by "42047" on the video is probably accurate. Too many mishits all over the bag to maintain such a consistently high repetitive beat, especially with the five head shots by the second guy. To the experienced ear, Listen to the bag beat. With the first guy you clearly hear a fist roll which he is not doing with "one hand", and also several double bounce beat rhythms on the bag beat that indicate the fists should be passing through the bag to other sides. That never happens from any of these guys.

      Listen closely during the second man's sequence and you will hear several speed bag "double bounce rhythms" indicating the fist(s) should be passing through, which his is clearly not.

      The bag beat gives it away. the bag beat sometimes matches the beat of "Eye of the Tiger" (song), but it doesn't match what these guys are doing. But it is a clever and entertaining video.
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