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Arc Swivel video and review

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    Originally posted by JoMan View Post

    Do you have a link to buy the bearing & bolt combo to make this "swivel" ?
    This is the bearing I used.

    The dust covers on the bearing are thin and easily dented. If you make a friction fit into a base careful not to push against the covers or they'll be mashed into the bearing and cause it to rub and not spin freely.

    The bolt I got at the local hardware store. Stainless steel, with a nut placed below and above the bearing. The eye was opened up just enough with a drift pin so the loop will pass through with much effort. Open it too far and the bag will fly off sometimes.

    The knot in the paracord loop is special. The one I use is called the zeppelin bend. Other knots I tried quickly slip, the zeppelin bend never slips and it is easy to untie if you need to make the loop shorter. Tying that knot is not so simple but there are videos on YouTube like this one,

    I tie it with a long enough piece of cord, then cut the ends to a short length and use a flame to melt and keep the ends from fraying.

    Below are shown the parts of the swivel.
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      Ah, I understand the design now, thanks. I'm interested in knots, even have a book on knots. But I really suck at learning them.
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