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    Originally posted by paranday View Post
    Looks like I need two more bags. So the 4205 is not the pinnacle?
    If there is a more bigger, more bouncy, more fun speed bag than the 4205, I would doubt it and also be TOTALLY happy to be proven wrong.

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      I have an early sixties 4205, and an eighties one and they were pretty much my go to bags up until bought the Reach 3 1/2. Don't get me wrong, the 4205 is a fantastic striking bag, and the fact that they are still showing up on eBay is proof that Everlast sold quite a few of them over the years, and a testament to the quality of the product. Reach was ultimately bought by it's chief competitor A.G. Spalding, and their principal line of baseball equipment was consolidated into theirs, although Reach branded baseballs were used by the American League up until the 1970's. The rest of the sporting goods line appears to have been terminated by the late 1950's. The bag I have is obviously from the late 1930's, maybe early 1940's as it was originally fitted with a bladder with a filler tube under the laces.

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