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    Hello. Today we did a little factory work and made up 4 platforms. Three for the YMCA and one for a couple in their 70's Went for a more geometric pattern to make things easier and a cleaner look. 2 1/4 thick with a skirt to cover the end grain. Finished product will be painted gloss black.
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    Cool, keep us informed (edit) did you glue three 3/4 inch plywoods together to get your 2 & 1/4 inch thick drums ?
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      Yes to 3 layers of 3/4. Bad lighting but painted. 3 coats of gloss black with a brush. Installed next Tuesday.
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        Those look great...nice job! Makes me want to go build one. The YMCA has no idea how lucky they are. I bet it becomes very popular.


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          You can name your new platform company "Steinway". Look like little grand piano lids you're making...


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