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Built my three year old a setup

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  • Built my three year old a setup

    Inspired by Skunk's video, or Lizzard's video I should say, here is my three year old Daniel Lee. That wild style appears to be genetic.

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    Little dude's gonna have to grow a bit or the platform's gonna have to come down Good looking kid!


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      Lil speedbagger

      Thank you Clint. Yeah the bag's mounted too high seems to be a recurrent theme for me. The video was a bit dark and shaky, but I was just so excited to post him giving it a try, I will adjust the mount and will update the video as soon as he shows improvement.


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        Cute. Always good to get them started early


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          Now thats the next champ if u get him adicted u know theres no turning back lol Keep us all up to date on him getting better and better.


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            CUTE kid. I know you enjoy spending time with him.
            Speed Bag

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              Next one

              Thanks for all the comments guys. I was worried that it woul be hard to see and unappealing to all you pros. I enjoy spending my workouts with my boy as you can see in some of my videos he pops into frame occasionally. I've never pushed it on him but he loves the science and is eager to learn. It's rubbing of on him.


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