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    How did I ever not see this!

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    Yep, that was the first time I met Alan in person , as well as Zach. What an incredible experience! Alan was in Orlando for a professional conference and ended up hanging out at the house for a few days. We also met up with Skunk to put on the speed bag seminar. I have many fond memories of those days that I will cherish forever.


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      the lyrical jesse james was there


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        Yea, I was attending a rehabilitation conference there for the VA that week and Tim arranged a seminar with the LA Boxing location the weekend after the conference.

        That trip was a first for all of us. First time all three of us met. First public appearance for speed bag I made after major shoulder reconstruction in Sept 2006 (actually about the 4 or 5th time I had even attempted to hit a speed bag after that operation) and the first time I had a cell phone antenna eaten by a dog. (Tim's new puppy at the time chewed up my government blackberry phone antenna, pretty funny actually).

        If you look at the hitting footage you will see that I barely raise my left elbow and I can tell you I could only put about half my normal punching force on it.

        This trip is one of my favorite speed bag memories. Meeting Tim and Skunk was awesome. At the time I didn't realize that Tim and this forum would eventually become the growing "home" of baggers from all over the world, and Skunk would take speed bag combinations to the next level. And Tim's skill has gone supersonic as well, with his amazing double and triple bumping elbow combinations.

        And staying at Tim's house with his family was great. We had never met before that time and he invited me to say at his place. Pretty special time and I'll remember it always. Thanks Tim!

        and thanks to Skunk for taking the time to come down and share it with us.

        Originally posted by juxt View Post
        the lyrical jesse james was there
        Yes, He was. I think the manager of the LA Boxing location, or maybe it was the marketing manager, was the neighbor of

        Turbo B singer on I've got the power. They had seen my video of punchdrumming to that song, and he had shown it to Turbo B, and he said he would love to him to come down to see it live. He did come down and it was pretty cool, the club playing the song and he was live rappin' his part right next to me while I was hitting to it. Another awesome memory I'll never forget.
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