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  • Therese Riedel

    Young woman with quadriplegia bagging.

    Bag on, Therese !

    Read a little about her:

    "I've come from nothing, literally,” Therese said. “When I broke my neck, I couldn't move. I couldn't scratch my face. I couldn't reach for a sip of water."

    see also
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    Inspirational young lady. I see where insurance isn't going to help at all. Interesting how when unfortunately something bad happens that is just the start of the setbacks. There is a lot of work and turns for the worse. A friend of mine got a case against a doctor and hospital thrown out because he filed against them on his own and didn't get it right then a lawyer filed for him but they wouldn't accept that because of of what he had done. Now because of what he did, which in no way hurt anyone, he can't sue for what they did to him. I have my own problem now, which I won't go into deeply, but I'm not sure what the outcome will be. Please don't drink and drive!!! Nuf said. Not the worse case but Virginia don't play.

    Anyway, it would be nice to invite this fellow bagger to the forum, it would be mutually inspirational. Is there still a signed bag from SB2010 that could be sent to her with some words of encouragement? She sure could use some of the Love that flows on this forum daily. Bag on Sisters and Brothers!!! SB STL and 2011!!!


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      Very Inspirational!!! Bag On Therese!! Work that mook as well!!


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        Great job!
        Bag On Therese!


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          Wow, what an incredibly strong young lady. Way to go Therese!


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            Keep hitting girl! You are doing great!


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              Now there's a person I would love to meet. What an inspirational story. Like PIEFURZ, it would be nice if she joined the forum.


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                  Wow. Therese Riedel = DETERMINATION. Interesting story on her... I keyed in on one quote in particular:

                  “...I slowly and progressively reteach myself. Just like in high school, you have to repeat things 100 times until you get it right. That's what you do. Your muscles can't do it? You try anyway.”

                  Speed bagging is such a repetitive sport, it seems a logical choice for rehab. I hope Therese continues working out on the bag. And, I hope she finds her way here to the forum.
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                    Very cool!! Nice linking skills! Thanks for posting Paranday!


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