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  • First video!

    I've kinda put speedbagging on hold since the semester started, but I do try to get some time in when I can. I started with the speedbag bible in late December 06. All comments are welcome. Enjoy!!

    oops. forgot the link: Thanks speedbag!
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    First Speed Bag Video

    ...I think you forgot something saifullah21 first video

    Great progress for just a couple of months. You're doing some pretty jazzy stuff, split fisting with single and double fist pass throughs, Reverse Double Punching (RDP) to second fist passing front (very slick..!), Front First Rolls directly to single fist linking.

    You even recovered nicely from several audible miss hits. I really like the fact that your punching speed stayed constant and even. Many people will start from the basic rhythm, then start linking and begin punching faster and faster until they pass the point of control. You did not do that, but kept your rhythm constant.

    Man, I'm impressed.
    Speed Bag

    Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
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    The Art of the Bag


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      Very good progress.

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