SpeedBagMegatron 10/19/2010

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  • SpeedBagMegatron
    Speed Bag Trainee
    • Apr 2010
    • 2

    SpeedBagMegatron 10/19/2010

    Just dropping an update video. Hopefully i will be seeing everyone of you at Speed B.A.G. II
    SpeedBagMegatron aka Alphonso Maxwell

  • novaspeedbagger
    Speed Bag Guru
    • Aug 2010
    • 470

    Nice Skillz Megatron! Smooth Baggin, thanks for postin!


    • spinsmashpop
      Speed Bag Wizard

      • Nov 2008
      • 1081

      Great stuff Megatron!
      Very reminiscent of some of the fluidity of Dee Pooler with some Skunk in there too!
      Smooth is right!
      BAG ON!


      • Speedbag
        Author of the Speed Bag Bible, founder of speedbagcentral.com

        • Feb 2006
        • 7110

        Yeeow, megatron, I'm loving the opening combo! Nice moves and mega-smooth. Someone's been practicing. Hope to see you in Jersey.
        Speed Bag

        Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
        *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
        The Quest Continues...
        Hoping for another Gathering...


        The Art of the Bag


        • ukspeedbag
          Speed Bag Guru
          • Nov 2007
          • 736

          Megatron, that is some smooth bagging going on right there. Pleased to meet you sir.


          • fingers
            Speed Bag Guru
            • May 2008
            • 618

            NICE!!! smooth and effortless thanks for posting!


            • TJ_MaTee
              Senior Member

              • Nov 2009
              • 316

              Spin : "Very reminiscent of some of the fluidity of Dee Pooler with some Skunk in there too!"
              Yes, Like Spin said! Great to see you posting a vid. Haven't seen you since the "Adventures of the Speed Bag Porch" early in the year sometime. Very cool, let's see some more of your stuff!
              Dig the Brim!
              T.J. MaTEE'[/U][/U] u:


              • Biff
                Speed Bag Wizard

                • Feb 2008
                • 1190

                Looking pretty smooth, Phonzo. Nice job. Hope you can make it to Speed Bag II. I can see Skunk's influence in your style.


                • paranday
                  Speed Bag Guru
                  • Sep 2009
                  • 2515

                  May I call you Dr. Smooth ?


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