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    sorry again about this video not having any sound. my camera is the only thing i have that will do video and it wont record sound. the bag is yet again a title yellow 5x8 with a ringside super swivel. the zach "ruffo elbows" in there at the end are still a work in progress.

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    good job i like watching others getting better so i have something to strive for. Again cant look at that platform without commenting great job on that im currently making a drum out of hard maple and in hopes that it has as little to no movement. the one im currently using i made but i want to make a better one for two reason so i can have 2 units and to have a flawless one like yourself
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      thank you for the compliments big nesticles. as for the platform, i found that the only way to get a movementless platform is to make your own. number one, it's cheaper than buying one and number two, you can taylor make it to your taste.


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        very very good job!!! very fast movements!


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          Cool...Fast and smooth

          Looks great! Can't wait to hear the rhythmic sound of your technique.


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            thank you for the compliments guys. i usually have a camcorder that i record with as well, but i dont have a firewire port on my computer to import the footage. i am working on it though. the "rythmic sounds" of the bag, as dsilva puts it, are very hypnotic and i cant wait to get the sounds on here for everyone to hear.
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