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  • Stl location and shirt !

    Well it's official we will have the event at Bushido Dojo at Mid Rivers Mall. You can view their site at We are in the works to narrow down dates now. We have to go through Mall Management. So hopefully we don't hit any roadblocks.

    Now for our official St. Louis Speed Bag Convention shirts. I bought this shirt for $15.00 before taxes. Ken Miget at Paradise Designs Embroidery is our first Sponsor. The more shirts we do the cheaper it will be. So just let me know if you want a shirt,size,and what name you want on right side of shirt.

    So we are on our way to having The St. Louis Speed Bag Convention.
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    Shirt looks good! Glad to hear you have a location locked in.


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      Shirt is cool! I am not going to make it as my wife and are on a bit of a budget at the moment. (home improvements so we can put our house on the market soon) But from what you have done so far I am betting it will be a great time.

      But lock me in for a shirt!! I'll send a PM with details...


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        I'm going to look into fitted or adjustable hats today. Same design black with white letters.


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          Wow, that's a nice shirt! Looks great on you too. I'd get a couple for sure XL. Book it.
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            whoop whoop

            shirts lookin great! Put me down for one and maybe even 2 or 3 I'll check with my speedbag buddies, as far as place I need a date soon so I can see how much it's gonna be, I wanna make it!


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              Any idea of the cost of embroidery per shirt?

              Hey Sparrky,
              So, the base cost of the shirt (before taxes is around $15)... I know that the cost of the embroidery per shirt will be based on quantity of the order itself... but do you have an idea what the total cost of the shirt will be (before taxes)? Just curious, since I'm sure most people here are on a budget...

              BTW... love the logo...
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                "Bag On Bro!" Great job Josh with everything! Very cool Shirts, I'll definetely be scoring one of those! Everything sounds cool, soon as the dates are booked, I'll plan on makin' it! Thanks again for everything brother!
                T.J. MaTEE'[/U][/U] u:


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                  cool shirt!


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                    New Lower Price

                    I have a newer lower price for shirts, and hats! Of course I didn't really mention the first price because I wasn't comfortable with it!

                    The new price for shirt will be $36. That is the black work Dickies work shirt from Wal-Mart for $15, and $21 for embroidery.

                    Hats will be determined by the amount we get. It will be all black fitted hat, with white letter embroidery. They could be anywhere from $9 to $20.

                    Please PM me or email me at your size, and what name you want on front.



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                      Working on shirt orders right now. If you would like a shirt, please PM me your size. The shirt will be $50. The cost of shirt will be $36, but some of the profits will go towards Backstoppers (charity for event), and the rest towards shipping if you will not be able to make it.

                      You can send money order, or if you have paypal you can give me the email for that account, and I can send an invoice.

                      Joshua Gulley
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                        Thats a great shirt! how do the sizes run and do they have to be ordered ahead of time or will some be at the convention. Also i apologize in advance for any silly questions, i just signed up and have never been to a convention. Thanks
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                          No such thing as a silly question. This is really only the second gathering/event put on. Tim has one he puts on in Jersey in June. The I started this one, so this is new to me as well. As far as shirts, I would prefer to have the money asap so I can have it made. The embroidery will be in the same place as the event so you can have it made when you get here.So you plan on making it? Thats great! Theres nothing better then getting around other Baggers, and learning from each other. Look forward to seeing you there. Any questions feel free to ask.
                          Originally posted by jojojunfan View Post
                          Thats a great shirt! how do the sizes run and do they have to be ordered ahead of time or will some be at the convention. Also i apologize in advance for any silly questions, i just signed up and have never been to a convention. Thanks


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