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    Here's a new technique I've been practicing's basically a FSP into OTES combined with RSP then it repeats...

    I'm also using my new Everlast Pro 9x6 which is an awesome bag, similar to Title's yellow 9x6 but a little rounder and heavier...

    I'm also using a metal swivel now...a lot louder but gives smoother rebounds so I'm lovin it...

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    i just went outside and tried it. its pretty cool. i like how fast it all comes together. cool combo billymack.

    i did fsp directly into otes directly to rsp. one rebound in between each hit. does that sound right?


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      Sweet, ya, it's a lot of fun yet easy enough to do with basic skills. Ya, you got it right except after the OTES there are 2 rebounds before the reverse punch then 2 more rebounds until you can start the technique again.

      As per Alan Kahn's terminology, a technique is when the bag only rebounds once and when the bag rebounds twice it becomes a combo.

      Got any vids, Kevdawg?


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        me trying the billymack technique


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          ill post another vid in a few. but it wont have any sound. my camera doesnt have sound. sorry.


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            by the way, the video of me doing your tech. has a 9x6 title bag.


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              nice, dude...I love your platform....looks so solid and bulletproof...


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                thank you billymack. i am downloading another video as we speak. i havent done one in a while so i recorded a little clip of me doing various combos.


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                  nice job both of you. kevdawg i also really like that platform dose not move at all
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                    thank you big nesticals. its my pride and joy!


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                      i will try this!! thanks all!!


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                        Here's the same technique modified after some suggestions from Alan Kahn...



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                          what exactly are the punches being thrown?


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                            BillyMack Combo

                            Originally posted by BillyMack View Post
                            Here's the same technique modified after some suggestions from Alan Kahn...

                            I like it much better here. Nothing wrong with the other first combination as a starting point, but my personal preference is to see it done smoothly in a continuous alternating manner with either arm leading. Than you own it.

                            Years ago, when I would "experiment" with movements like this, I would first try each "New" technique or combo within the Basic Rhythm. Does it most easily follow a Front Circle Punch FCP (an outward motion) or a Front Straight Punch FSP (an inward motion)? Next, I would try to go to the new movement from EVERY other technique to see how they joined (if they did).

                            This combo, (to me ..) doesn't follow either FCP or FSP very smoothly, because the set up motion has the arms moving a bit unnaturally to pull it off. An Outward Triple Elbow Strike (O-TES) doesn't naturally follow the Front Straight Punch of the "other Arm". Try it slowly. Do the Basic Rhythm Slowly and after any FSP, try an OTES with the other arm. A more natural movement is to follow a FSP with the OTES with the same arm. BillyMack shows joining these movements in this manner is absolutely possible, but it is an awkward motion to me. That is why I would personally would call what he is doing an advanced punching combination, for he is joining two front techniques (FSP) and (OTES) with ONE rebound in between instead of three.

                            OK. that is just me. Now examine what BillyMack is doing. The heart or "secret" of his combination is TWO techniques, the Front Straight Punch (FSP) and the Outward Triple Elbow Strike (OTES) with one rebound in between. The trick is getting the lead FSP to hit the bag and quickly circle back to be the end punch of the OTES. Pretty slick the way he figured that out.

                            OK, now move to the Reverse Technique(s). He originally did this with a Reverse Single Punch (RSP), which naturally made the combination repeat with the same arm leading the combo. My suggestion was to make the Reverse Single Punch a Reverse Double Punch (RDP), which puts both hands behind the bag. then, by rotating the fist order (another advanced movement) of the RDP, it naturally allows this combo to be repeated on the "other side", so now the OTES is moved from arm to arm. To me, that looks much better and shows more control. You could also go the Reverse Fist Roll (R-Roll).

                            BillyMack: Your combination also Follows a Side Double Punch pretty easily. Do a L-R Side Double Punch. the lead (left first) of the SDP will then be your leading FSP as the second fist (from the side of the bag) pulls across the chest to set up for the OTES. It will look like this.

                            L-R (SDP) ' ' L (FSP) ' Right (OTES)

                            Also, since you originally did this with a RSP, let the last fist (FSP) of the OTES go to the side and make the RSP a Reverse-Side Double Punch (R-SDP). Your elbow hits the bag, and the same fist passes to the Reverse. your next fist (FSP) hits and does a quick flip to the side. that gets your hands ready for the (R-SDP).

                            Using the R-SDP will also naturally rotate the whole combo from one arm to the other. it looks like this:

                            L(FSP) ' R(O-TES) ' ' R-L(R-SDP) ' ' R(FSP) ' L(O-TES) ' ' L-R(R-SDP) ' ' .....repeat

                            ( Also works nicely after a front reverse split fist. The RSP fist connects, and that arm draws up for the OTES)
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                              all right guys. so i went outside this morning and tried the technique. i did a little twist on it though. on the second part of the combo (with the opposite arm) can i do a dtes?

                              it would sequence like this; left fsp ' right otes ' ' rdp ' ' right fsp ' left dtes.

                              i dont know if i denoted this right. but i think im doing a downward where billymack is doing an outward. sound good? ill try to post a vid sometime today if i can.


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