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Found New Metal Ball+hook Swivels

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  • Found New Metal Ball+hook Swivels

    The store I found only had 2 left, so I got them both. I wasn't expecting them to be black. I wonder if these are an older model than the 4400 swivel. This model is #4447. So, check it out. I haven't used them at all, but I did notice how much louder they are compared to the plastic ball and hook swivel. Maybe I'm the only one on this board that strives for the most silent swivel. The plastic ball and hook is almost too much for my ears. It's weird. Some days I can listen to my music real loud, and other days certain songs with prominent percussion sounds is painful. The sound of the swivel bothers me almost as much. I really don't think it would be suitable for me. Darn ears!
    So if anyone has money and is interested in one or both, PM me. I don't know if these are faster or perform better than the plastic ball, or how it compares to the 4400 model.

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    I've never seen that type of swivel as an Everlast. It must be an older model. I have seen it packaged as a Century swivel. I've never used one of these though so I can't give you much feedback beyond that.


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      i have that exact same swivel but it is made by TKO and was not happy with it at all. It was really slow and the ball would get stuck often after probably 2 weeks of work so i was very dissatisfied by that type of swivel.
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        I've used that model swivel shown - long ago in the past.

        A term comes to mind from the old show TV show "In Living Color".

        "Hated It"

        Men on Fitness

        (* for it's day, this show was a scream. Launched Jim Carey's career)
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        Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
        *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
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        Onward to SpeedB.A.G. X! Summer 2019

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        The Art of the Bag


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          LOL...hated it!


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