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  • Blindfold challenge

    Looking for new challenges:

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    I've actually done the same thing but by just closing my eyes and seeing how long I could hit. It's surprisingly not that difficult when using basic hits and it's a lot of fun.


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      Blind speed bag punching

      Years ago at the VA medical center where I work, we would take the veterans from the Blind Rehabilitation Clinic to the "kinesiotherapy" (therapeutic exercise) clinics. They all had speed bags back then. Most of the men of that era [ WWII and Korean War] had seen or used a speed bag, for they were pretty common in gyms, YMCA's and Military bases of that time. I would work with them on the bag, and some that were totally blind were a little skittish of getting bonked in the nose on the rebound - So we got a few old style (single bar) football helmets for them to wear. This boosted their confidence to really punch harder, knowing they would not get hit in the face.

      The helmet also helped for the totally blind often tend to "rock" their body slightly to maintain balance, and it would bring them in closer to the bag.

      Some of them really got a good sequence going. Mostly basic rhythm and a few Front First Rolls.

      ...then it was off to bowling.
      Speed Bag

      Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
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      The Art of the Bag

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