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Hrmm Ill get a better one up asap but here ya go!

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    Great job Geronimo! The patience of pacing yourself is paying off! When I get frustrated that my speed is lacking, after bagging with and/or watching vids of Skunk and Alan Kahn, I watch some Dee Pooler. He has such awesome control while slow baggin'. While you're practicin', try to start making your punches and rebounds the same speed. It is fun and challenging. Alan, Skunk and Dee are all great at this. It shows total bag control. And that is the key to punch drumming! Once again, great job!
    BAG ON!
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      Geronimo, I'll let the real experts chime in with their sage observations, but as for me, I was impressed with the amount of combinations you kept throwing in as the vid progressed. You even fit in some 360s! Very nice hitting.


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        Dragon Im 100% with you. Its been about 6 months now since I really got into baggin' prior i just was using it casually on n off past years when and even if i had one at the time set up where i was living. Ive always had a heavybag and have used them for years. So 6months ago i went from just being about to do the LLRR pretty bad at that and monkey style too and i could do some fist rolls kinda.. Then saw all the stuff on youtube with skunk, and then learned of Alan Kahn and then this forum and you guys all are here DOMINATING the SB. I was to say the least HOOKED. I joined the forums and bagged tons since then. My personality makes me wanna master everything I put effort into and thus my obsession with SB grows. I know my inner ear for music/rhythm is there but at times my cordination is off just by that split second throwing my punches/timing off a hair and messing up the whole in sink rhythm of the bag. So on that note from your post im 1000% with you and its def something I mentally keep note of when im bagging. The Speed of punches and combos thrown on my videos Is at a casual pace to keep the drum beating noise lower in my apartment building. I have an senior lady that has given me permission over the winter months to SB inside < above her apartment >. In doing so < giving me permission> i agreed with her not to GO CRAZY on it and make the building shake/windows pictures etc, and not before 9am or after 8pm. So I have good agreement with neighbor lady=). So inside till i can get back out in the garage I just practice slow more methodical combos/strikes/ dub bumps etc, keeping the pace slower. My good friend Sam for like 25 years saw my SBing and wants me to put a video out on a FAST hands one. So Ill get ya guys a FASTER video soon as Im able on a sunday morning when Jounee < my neighbor> is at sunday morning Church I can get the building bumping! >

        Thanks again for comments on video and my progress. More coming soon



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          Originally posted by Speedbag View Post
          All video's look really nice. Arm and swing positions correct, Smooth, controlled movement and force, great bag contact and a very nice mix of combinations. I noticed both lead fist and second fist linking off the Front Double Punches, (FDP), and good control on all the Triple Elbow strikes and four way ES. OK, remember, with any technique that has BOTH fists, (any triple or 4-way elbow strike) and all double punches [for now, focus on Front Double Punch (FDP) and Reverse Double Punch (RDP)], you have three linking options. You can always pass (1) the lead fist, or (2) the second fist or (3) Both fists through the bag, usually to the other side. You can do this after ANY technique with both fists. In fact, think of any Triple Elbow Strike or 4-way Elbow Strike as nothing more than a FDP with elbows added in front or after the fists. But the FDP is the same.

          Since you have and use "The Bible", I suggest you start practicing the linking exercises on page 48, 49 & 50. The exercises on page 49-50 focus on passing the (1) lead, (2) second and (3) both fists from the RDP position. mixing lead, second, both fists non-stop from FDP and RDP is a pretty cool combo and will drill your fist control like nothing else.

          You can do it!

          O yeah and Alan, I got your practice session down with the lessons on page 48-50 on 3 hit combo to linking, even started working on the 4 strike combo linking now. O the hard part was getting 3 strike to RFR!!!! ahah RFRs are crazy. Will be posting my sessions on lessons for ya maybe tonight!


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            Originally posted by Geronimo View Post
            ... Will be posting my sessions on lessons for ya maybe tonight!
            I can't wait to see more videos!
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