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    Wow, looks great. How many platforms you gonna have hanging? You might give Skunk a run for his money. I think he had 8 at his house last time i was there.


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      Haha, my girlfriend says 2 is the limit. Putting a couple at the lake house as well, pictures to come soon.


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        Wow that is some serious speed bagging boards. I say Roc "iron man" Stone will love that.
        Speed Bag

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        The Art of the Bag


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          Hey AA,

          Nice job! I'm curious how you mounted the frame to the Unistrut. I thought about using it as well to provide height adjustment for my platform, but ultimately decided against it. You willing to share some detailed photos?




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            I've got small plates that slide inside the unistrut, with a bolt welded through them, then they pass through the steel plate of the platform frame, and are held in place with some knobs. I'll try to get a detailed drawing, or photo posted in the next day or two. Unistrut makes a part exactly for this application (stud bolt), but they are hard to find unless you are buying them bulk, and they are expensive.


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              I agree man. that bag has a unique sound. like the sound of kicking (those red rubber) balls for playing chinese baseball. very deep sound when its hit. plus good rythm too i might add.


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                Here's a drawing of how I used the unistrut to make the platform adjustable.

                There is a total of 4 of these bolts/knobs per platform.


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                  nice craftsmanship! you put the retail companies to shame.


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                    Originally posted by royalewifcheese View Post
                    nice craftsmanship! you put the retail companies to shame.
                    I'll second that. I just took another look at the pix. Those are SHARP looking platforms.


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                      Originally posted by aad03 View Post
                      ...Man, speed bags are like baseball cards, i just keep wanting to collect more.
                      I can relate... In the past 6 months, I think I've bought more bags than shoes! I'm up to 8...
                      Very impressive punching for six weeks. And, boy, it looks like you got hooked big time with all the platforms. Really sharp looking. Especially the plexiglass one.

                      Originally posted by aad03 View Post
                      att, the swivel has a little piece of leather replacing the metal hook, so it looks longer than the swivel itself actually is. Here's what I did:
                      I just got a swivel for my other platform... I'm thinking about experimenting with the leather piece – it/you seem to create a unique sound... almost like a horse's canter at times.
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