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  • SpeedBagSkunk
    Speed Bag Skunk doesn't need a title, you already know

    • Oct 2006
    • 460

    His and Hers SpeedBag BedRoom

    Then completely done but for bow its lookin real nice, but for now its lookin sharp from all angles as well. Only things u reall cant see in picture is 2 other everlast posters covering 2 other windows and then right as you walk in the room on the wall that door sits on i have a flat screen tv. But it sure is a great room.
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  • fingers
    Speed Bag Guru
    • May 2008
    • 618

    Now that is a bedroom!! if i did that i think my wife would have a fit!! great work Skunk.


    • ukspeedbag
      Speed Bag Guru
      • Nov 2007
      • 736

      OMG!!! Skunk that's the best bedroom I've seen! Sam was giving me a real hard time over my little corner and about how it spoils her newly decorated bedroom. (a bit of fun) I just shown your room to all the family, the kids thought it was great, Sam's response "OMG! As he got a wife"?

      Cheers mate, whenever she brings it up, I'll show her your image.


      • Tim
        Administrator and Founder of SpeedBagForum.com

        • Jan 2006
        • 3427

        That's some serious dedication to the speed bag right there.. . but I would expect nothing less from Skunk


        • speedbagstud
          Speed Bag Trainee
          • Dec 2009
          • 23

          lol, the neighbors won't be able to tell if the rythm they hear is from the bags or the bed now........ cool idea


          • spinsmashpop
            Speed Bag Wizard

            • Nov 2008
            • 1081

            I doubt there is another room on this planet quite like that..
            You must be from Bagadonia!!!
            Has Everlast seen this? This would be the killer ad for their site and catalog!
            See you in a couple weeks bro!
            MERRY BAGMAS!


            • SpeedBagScissorhands
              Spin Master

              • Aug 2008
              • 340

              awesome room brother.... im afraid to see your bathroom


              • Roc Stone
                Speed Bag Guru
                • Oct 2007
                • 475

                The things you could do...
                sigpic'IRON HORSE, LIVE TO RIDE'


                • Biff
                  Speed Bag Wizard

                  • Feb 2008
                  • 1190

                  I didn't expect anything less from Skunk. That room is rockin in more ways than one!!!


                  • deano
                    Australia's Elbow Wizard

                    • Jun 2009
                    • 224

                    one missing

                    Hey Skunk,go all the way mate,you need a bag mounted directly above the bed
                    so you can lay down and punch and you havnt got to get out,and when the new Bub arrives it could act as the babies rattle.deano


                    • Speedbag
                      Author of the Speed Bag Bible, founder of speedbagcentral.com

                      • Feb 2006
                      • 7107

                      Gotta say that's the Ace Room of Bagomania. Now you gotta have us all over for a sleep over!

                      I agree with SSP, that would be an awesome add in the catalog.
                      Speed Bag

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