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  • My first Video

    I've been off for a weeks with a fractured ankle but I felt pretty good about this video...I start off slow then pick it up a little. My moves are kinda sloppy and patchy but I'd love to hear what you all think....

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    First video


    Form = excellent. Elbows and fists in great positions. little wasted movement.
    Control = excellent. you're not struggling to hit the bag, seem very relaxed and the sound and speed of your punching was consistent. Didn't hear the swivel jam upward on any hits from front or back. You didn't get faster and faster, which most people tend to do.
    Linking = Excellent. Single fists, second fist of FDP, Both fists front-to-back, not dipping under badly. Linking directly off Front Fist Roll. You transitioned very nice from the Front Rolling motion to the single fist passing straight. consistent bag contact during those movements, and always hit the belly. Very nice split fists - and the split-fist position changeover was perfect. No speed or force change during the position swap. That's hard to do.
    Variety of techniques = Excellent for your level. Six of the seven basic punches, four front, two reverse. (didn't see Reverse Fist Rolling R-Roll)

    I'd say your definitely on the right track and ready to move on to the Outward Elbows and Reverse Rolling.

    ( Do NOT worry about speed. Get the movements and timing within combinations. Speed will come automatically with control. )

    Gotta love it.
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      Originally posted by BillyMack View Post
      ...I start off slow then pick it up a little.
      I always edit out the slow start up part

      Great stuff. Fantastic split fist - I'm still strugging with that.


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        Looks great! I really need to get a video of myself to post it for critiques from everyone. Maybe this weekend.... I'm just too damn busy.



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          very very nice!


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