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My 17 year old daughter kicking my butt!

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  • My 17 year old daughter kicking my butt!

    My 17 year old daughter started training herself 2 weeks ago without my knowledge. I have only had my bag for 4 weeks and I thought I was doing pretty good but after seeing her today I am not feeling so good!
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    Look out, Dad. Someone is breathing down your back. Looks like you'll have some stiff competition for the board! She's doing really well for just 2 weeks.

    If your platform is adjustable, lower it somewhat so she can hit the bag at the right height. If not, see if you could build her a platform out of 2x4s (or 4x4s) and some plywood.

    Tell her congrats, and keep up the good work.


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      That's terrific progress. Very good!


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        You know what you have to do now right?.....CHANGE THE LOCKS ON YOUR
        EXERCISE ROOM! And tell her if she ever shows you up again, she's out of the will!!!!

        2 weeks wow that really is good...


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          Wow, If you raise her up to reach the bag (get a small platform or lay down several 4x4 runners and put a plywood board over the top for her to stand on...) You're gonna be in a lot of trouble!

          The force of her punching must have created a massive wind to blow that tarp around I see in the window behind her? now that's power!
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